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My patients love Hoopla! They are so much easier to use than an Optragate*. — Dr. Mollie R.

*OptraGate is a trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

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We invite you to consider how the benefits listed below — Gathered from the collective feedback of our community of beta testers — And how making Hoopla a part of your toolkit could better support your practice.

Better Access And Visibility

Improves access by effectively retracting lips and cheeks without getting in your way to improve access and visibility, making your job easier particularly during complex procedures that require precision.

Better Patient Compliance

Its comfortable design with gentle tension, leads to better patient compliance, even during long or complex procedures.

More Comfortable

Its flexible design is more comfortable for patients, improving their overall experience, especially for patients who find the use of other retractors distressing or uncomfortable.

Less Pain And Fatigue

Its design reduces neck and back pain and fatigue by reducing the need to awkwardly angle your head and shoulders to get good access and visibility, making procedures more comfortable for you.

Faster Procedures

Helps in reducing procedure times, allowing for more patient visits with easy placement in seconds and the ability to remove and reinsert the retractor as many times as needed.

More Control

Quick adjustment tabs offer improved control and maneuverability, making it quick and seamless to adjust the position of the retractor at any time for precision and time savings.

Fits With Your Tools

Its design is intentionally minimal, with only exactly what needs to be there, so you have more room to work, and easy integration with your existing dental tools.

Stability You Can Count On

Offers stability with a flexible design that stays put after placement, and doesn’t pop out unexpectedly, so you can focus on the work at hand.

Less Waste

Made with a plant-based, biodegradable, polymer to reduce the waste that usually comes from single-use products.

Supports Diagnostic Accuracy

The improved visibility helps not just during procedures, but also while imaging, giving you clearer insights into your patients, which can support diagnostic accuracy.

Supports Many Procedures

The streamlined, intentional design of the retractor works across a wide range of procedures and specialities.

Simplify Your Inventory

Our versatile one-size-fits-most design works perfectly for a wide-range of patients and accommodates different arch sizes, simplifying your inventory management.

They’re working great! I used them for a full-day sedation case that consisted of full mouth extractions, 8 implants, and conversion of dentures to fixed prostheses. They were such a great aid and really helped to speed up the whole procedure. No issues, only positive feedback! — Dr. Rachel D.

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I find it is great for anterior fillings both upper and lower and when using my laser for operative, keeps the toddlers or child’s mouth open without the need for a mouth prop. I use it for fillings on both upper and lower quadrants and use it with my microscope.  It’s especially helpful when I perform tissue surgery such as gingival recontouring or gingivectomies during orthodontic treatment or after orthodontics is complete. - Dr. Kotlow

We asked our beta testers…

How does Hoopla stack up against other dental retractors?

Here’s what they had to say:

Hoopla is so simple to insert even your patient could place it in just seconds.

Many leading retractors are tough to put in place, taking time and effort to insert correctly.

Is it easy to Insert?

Patients find Hoopla really comfortable and the gentle tension helps increase patient compliance.

The awkward design and difficulties placing other retractors can cause discomfort for many patients.

Is it comfortable for patients?

Hoopla stays put, no matter how much saliva there is.

Other retractors are known to slip out of place easily.

Does it stay in place during procedures?

Hoopla is designed to reduce head angulation so you have less strain and pain in your neck and back.

The awkward angles needed to get full visibility with other retractors can cause pain in your neck and back.

Is it designed well for the people using it?

Hoopla gives you a clear view and much more space to work, plus the confidence to know it will stay put no matter what procedure you’re performing.

The bulky, awkward design of many other retractors — and their tendency to slip out of place — mean access and visibility is often compromised.

How good is the visibility and access it provides?

You can use the tabs to quickly and easily adjust Hoopla during use, plus you can remove and reinsert it as many times as needed during a procedure.

The tricky placement and lack of stability with other retractors can make them difficult to adjust.

Can you adjust it?

Hoopla’s sleek, flexible design and secure, comfortable feel tends to be less stressful for nervous patients.

The bulky designs and uncomfortable fits of other retractors can make patients more nervous.

Does it help calm nervous patients?


Other Retractors

Love this product!!! If any office hasn’t tried this, NOW is the time! I promise you won’t regret it! This is the GO-TO product in our office! - Karen S. 

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General Dentists

More Efficient Comprehensive Care

Streamlines everything from routine exams, crowns, fillings, and more by providing clear visibility and easy access to all areas of the mouth, improving the thoroughness and speed of care.

Simplifies Patient Management

Helps to keep patients comfortable and cooperative, particularly during longer treatments, through its non-restrictive design.

Reduces Practitioner Fatigue

Reduces the physical strain of dental procedures, allowing general dentists to maintain a high level of care throughout the day while reducing neck and back strain.

Hoopla is designed by, for, and with dental professionals

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Hoopla is completely biodegradable, giving the benefits of single-use without the added waste.

Most other retractors are single-use plastic that’s not biodegradable, creating more waste.

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Is it comfortable for patients?

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